Safety policies

Monmouth Park asks that all guests conduct themselves properly at all times. Foul language and abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Failure to comply could result in permanent ejection.

Please note the following policies in effect in order to insure that all of our guests have a safe, enjoyable experience at the track.

New Jersey State Laws:

  • State law prohibits the consumption of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21 including BYO areas
  • You must be 18 years of age to wager. Children are welcome on the grounds
  • No smoking inside of the buildings

General Policies: 

  • No gas grills or propane tanks of any kind
  • No ball playing, balloons, skateboards, or inflatable beach balls
  • Children must be attended to at all times
  • No tents allowed in the first-come, first-serve areas. Tents are only allowed in the reserved picnic area
  • No beach/large umbrellas
  • No balloons of any kind
  • No firearms allowed
  • No pets allowed
  • Beginning July 3, 2020, ALL guests purchasing alcohol must present a valid photo ID with every transaction.  No exceptions.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Terms & Conditions:

No exchanges or refunds.  No refunds of service fees.  The holder of a Monmouth Park admission or reserved seat ticket assumes all responsibilities for any risk of bodily harm or loss of property sustained while attending Monmouth Park, and waives all rights to any claims for damages resulting from any cause whatsoever either before, during, or after the event.

Ticket holder, on her/his behalf and on behalf of any minor accompanying holder, has reviewed and agrees to all of Monmouth Park’s policies and rules regarding health and safety available at www.monmouthpark.com, fully-incorporated herein by reference, accepts all risk of personal injury or illness (including death) and property damage incidental to the event, and fully waves and releases all claims against Monmouth Park.

Picnic Area:

  • Picnic area will close 45 minutes after the last LIVE race. Guests wishing to wager on Simulcasting are to relocate to the Caesars Sports Bar or Clubhouse.


  • Park you vehicle in a lined parking space. Fire lanes and curblines must be kept clear at all times for Emergency Vehicles
  • Please obey all directives on signs where posted
  • No overnight parking permitted

Photography Policy:

  • Camera with a detachable or professional lens will not be permitted onto Monmouth Park grounds without a Monmouth Park issued media credential.  This includes telephoto or zoom lenses of any kind and interchangeable lenses of any kind.
  • Monmouth Park reserves the right to disallow cameras that, in the opinion of Monmouth Park will be used to produce professionally or commercially marketed images./
  • Flash photography is strictly prohibited.
  • Camcorders or any other audio/visual equipment are prohibited unless authorized by Monmouth Park.
  • No tripod or other photography equipment may be used without a Monmouth Park issued media credential.
  • Monmouth Park strictly prohibits the use of still photos or video footage for commercial or professional purposes without the express written approval and issuance of a media credential by Monmouth Park.
  • Members of the media and anyone taking photographs for commercial or professional use must obtain a Monmouth Park issued media credential prior to doing so.
  • By entering the park, guests grant Monmouth Park the right to film, video, record or photograph them on track property for any reason without payment or consideration.

Pet Policy: 

  • No pets are allowed at Monmouth Park.