The NJSEA is concerned about the privacy of our customers and the confidentiality of their information. The intent of this privacy statement is to clarify our efforts and activities in this area as it relates to Internet privacy.

Key Points

We identify and track where the single, previous URL visitors have come from when accessing our site. This information is used to help us better understand our members’ needs and improve

We store a cookie-a tiny text file-on the member’s system when he or she accesses the Products section of The cookie is required in order to establish and maintain a secure session so members can request data and conduct business transactions. Our cookie is only valid during a single connection to the servers and is not used to track member activity after leaving the Web site.

We collect site-aggregate and member-specific information on the pages accessed in the Web site. We also collect information volunteered by our members through surveys and electronic forms. Again, this information is used to improve the content of, as well as our services.

We do not compile, buy, sell, rent or trade mailing lists of our members to third parties.

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