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Rogers, Cettina Heading to Vegas for NHC Following 1-2 Contest Finish

October 27, 2020

Monmouth Park’s final, live season $300 NHC Qualifier was held on Saturday, October 24 and Pete Rogers of Summit, NJ finished in the top spot.

Rogers bested a field that included 131 entries. He turned his starting $200 bankroll into $4,018.85 by betting races from Monmouth Park, Belmont and Keeneland.  Contest players could only bet win, place and/or show and needed to bet a minimum of $20 per race.

By finishing first, Rogers takes home the first-place cash prize of $3,050.   Along with second-place finisher Roger Cettina, Rogers has earned a seat in the 2021 National Horseplayers Championship in Las Vegas.

In total, the Top 10 finishers from Saturday are:

1stPete Rogers$4,018.85$3,050+NHC Seat
2ndRoger Cettina$3,060$1,220+NHC Seat
3rdFrank Sorensen$2,560$732
4thGreg Knepper$2,083$427
5thTony Zhou$1,663.3$213.50
6thRoger Cettina$1,500$91.50
7thArthur Sferlazzo$1,004$91.50
8thTony Zhou$948$91.50
9thBill Rendino$933.40$91.50
10thLarry Wineberg$922$91.50