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Octobert 15 NHC Qualifier Goes to Ken Seeman

October 15, 2017

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Monmouth Park’s first handicapping contest of the offseason was held Sunday, October 15 and the winner was Ken Seeman of Wantagh, NY. 

 Seeman bested a field that included 157 entries. He turned his starting $150 bankroll into $2,006.50 by betting races from Woodbine, Belmont and Keeneland.Contest players could only bet win, place and/or show and needed to bet a minimum of $15 per race. 

By finishing first, Seeman takes home the first place cash prize of $3,450.  In addition, he takes home an additional $2,500 for already being a double NHC qualifier.  Second-place finisher Charles Welch and third-place finisher Kevin Engelhard each earned an NHC seat through Sunday’s contest.

In total, the Top 10 finishers are: 

1stKen Seeman$2,006.50$3,450, plus $2,500
2ndCharles Welch$1,791$1,380, NHC seat
3rdKevin Engelhard$1,329.15$828, NHC seat
4thMary Wilmes$888.75$483
5thAndrew Gredesky$701.75$241.50
6thMichael Salvador$500.10$103.50
7thBerry McQueen$477$103.50
8thJoe McGilligan$453$103.50
9thRon Reisner$364$103.50
10thMichael Sweeney$300.50$103.50