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Hartmann’s Horse Hits Big to Capture NHC Qualifier

September 25, 2019

Mary Ann Hartmann of Ocala, FL came to Monmouth Park’s $250 NHC Qualifier on Saturday, September 21 with one horse in mind to bet.  Call it her “play of the day.”  About seven hours after she arrived, Cirque paid $131.50 in the Belmont finale and gave Hartmann – who bet $30 to win, $40 to place and $50 to show on the 65-1 shot – the contest win.

Hartmann bested a field that included 126 entries. She turned her starting $150 bankroll into $2,969.10 by betting races from Monmouth Park, Belmont and Churchill.  Contest players could only bet win, place and/or show and needed to bet a minimum of $15 per race.

By finishing first, Hartmann takes home the first-place cash prize of $3,000 as well as a seat to this year’s National Horseplayers Championship in Las Vegas.  Second-place finisher Bernard Reilly also is headed to the NHC.

Monmouth Park’s next handicapping contest is coming up on Sunday, October 13. The $250 Monmouth/Woodbine NHC Qualifier will award two seats to the 2020 NHC.

In total, the Top 10 finishers from Saturday are:

Finish Name Bankroll Prize
1st Mary Ann Hartmann $2,969.10 $3,000+NHC Seat
2nd Bernard Reilly $2,634 $1,200+NHC Seat
3rd Anthony Doino $766.20 $720
4th Suresh B. $728.25 $420
5th Terrence Cook $563.10 $210
6th Stephen Banks $451.75 $90
7th Ken Jordan $423 $90
8th Mathew Levy $310.50 $90
9th Shirley Wolff $201.25 $90
10th Stephen Fitzpatrick $172.50 $90