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New Monmouth Park Track Announcer Matt Dinerman Eager To Add His Voice To A Booth With A Rich History

May 07, 2024

Matt Dinerman is fully aware of the impressive roster of track announcers who have recently preceded him at Monmouth Park, easily ticking off a Who’s Who list that includes Larry Collmus, Travis Stone, Jason Beem, Frank Mirahmadi and Chris Griffin.

“They’re all elite announcers at the top of their profession,” said Dinerman. “To be able to follow them and to add my name to that list at Monmouth Park is very flattering.”

Yet as much as Monmouth Park’s new race caller respects the history of the announcer’s booth at the Jersey Shore track he will also bring his personal touch to it.

So, yes, the 31-year-old Dinerman said, his extensive rubber duck collection is coming with him and will be on display in the booth when the 51-day meet starts on Saturday, May 11.

“The rubber duck collection is coming to the Jersey Shore,” said Dinerman.

Dinerman said the collection started almost as a lark with 20 ducks during his first job as the track announcer at Emerald Downs.

He now has more than 260.

“Announcers try to make the booth their own, so I figured `let’s put these (20) duck in the announcer’s booth to spice things up,’ ” he said. “Then I posted a picture of the ducks on social media and the next thing you know people are sending me rubber ducks from literally all over the world.

“It’s a symbol to me that people are paying attention and that I need to do a good job for them.”

Dinerman’s career, like the rubber duck collection, has taken off since he landed his first announcer’s job at Emerald Downs a week before graduating from Chapman University.

Golden Gate Fields then hired him, with Dinerman spending six years at the Northern California track before the announcement last year that it was closing.

“To be able to get the Golden Gate job really helped me establish myself,” said Dinerman, a San Diego native. “When they announced it was closing I had to pivot and I applied for the Oaklawn Park job and I was lucky enough to get it.

“It has been quite a ride the past few years.”

Dierman comes to Monmouth Park off his first season of race calling at Oaklawn Park, with the opening coming just as he was looking to fill an employment void for the summer. He will call through the Monmouth-at-Meadowlands meet in the fall.

“I’ve never been to the Jersey Shore but I am from San Diego, so I know what a good beach town is,” he said. “I’m really excited to spend my summer there and to meet new people.”

Dinerman said his first year at Oaklawn “was great.”

“Being able to come to a major track like that and to call Grade 1 races has really given me a new level of confidence,” he said. “It’s not cockiness. It’s the confidence that I can do a good job on a big stage.

“Monmouth Park is another big stage. I’m really looking forward to starting there.”

Another of Dinerman’s personal touches that he will bring with him are his parting words after each race day.

“My phrase when I sign off is always `may your dreams be winning ones and may those dreams come true. Keep living the dream. Good night,’ ’’ he said. “I’m living my dream calling these big races and calling at places like Oaklawn and Monmouth Park.”