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McKeever Hits Late to Win Online Pick Your Prize Challenge

July 30, 2020

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Scotty McKeever, a resident of Newport Beach, CA turned his $1,000 starting bankroll into $5,188.80 to win Monmouth Park’s fifth annual – but first-ever online – $2,000 Pick Your Prize Handicapping Challenge on Saturday, July 25.

McKeever bested a record field of 228 entries made up of players from over 30 states and Canada.  The Pick Your Prize Challenge was rescheduled from May 30 due to Covid-19.  All players participated through online ADWs TVG, 4NJBETS and Xpressbet.

For finishing first, McKeever received an automatic $11,475 and two picks from the Pick Your Prize board.  With his two picks, McKeever selected the top cash prize of $9,750 and well as a seat to the 2020 Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge. Including his bankroll, McKeever walked away with $26,413.80 plus a seat in the $10,000 BCBC.

After a $500 win bet hit in Monmouth Park’s eighth race, McKeever found himself with a bankroll of $1,532.  His bankroll would decrease from there, leaving him $552 heading into Monmouth’s 13th and final race.  An “all-in” cold exacta hit for McKeever, resulting in a contest-winning bankroll of $5,188.80.

Saturday’s second-place finisher was Gwyn Houston of Fallston, MD who finished with a bankroll of $4,895.

All Pick Your Prize players were required to bet at least $100 on a total of at least 10 races from Monmouth Park.  Bets could only be win, place, show, exacta or any combination thereof.

All players kept their final bankrolls. The Top 5 finishers received a guaranteed cash prize. The Top 5 finishers all received two picks from the prize board in order of finish. Finishers 6 through 26 received one pick.

Following is the full list of results from Saturday’s $2,000 Pick Your Prize Handicapping Challenge:

1stScotty McKeever$5,188.80$21,225+BCBC
2ndGwyn Houston$4,895$10,375+BCBC+NHC
3rdDavid Rink$4,789.50$11,775+BCBC
4thAdam Aiken$3,856.40$9,150+BCBC
5thPaul Weizer$3,040$4,275+BCBC+NHC
6thRobert Pennell$3,008.50$5,500
7thRyne Olsen$2,895.30$4,500
8thJoseph Rosen$2,865NHC+$2,000
9thTruls Engebretsen$2,824$4,000
10thStephen Thompson$2,480$4,000
11thMark Streiff$2,385NHC
12thTanya Taylor$2,327NHC
13thAdam Aiken$2,240NHC
14thKyle King$2,100NHC
15thSean Nolan$2,055NHC
16thNicholas Fotieo$1,861.90$4,000
17thCraig Kaufman$1,700.50NHC
18thDavid McCarty$1,688.75NHC
19thDavid Curry$1,627.50NHC
20thDavid Wolff$1,602.80$4,000
21stAndrew Vallat$1,584$4,000
22ndFrank Fosbre$1,539.20NHC
23rdPeter Yan$1,499.40NHC
24thKen Kasowicz$1,493.15NHC
25thKevin Kreiser$1,357NHC
26thBill Rendino$1,310NHC

For more information on upcoming handicapping contests at Monmouth Park, players can email Brian Skirka at bskirka@monmouthpark.com.