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Kunduru, Rogers Headed to 2020 NHC After Contest Wins

May 13, 2019

hawkish cliff hanger stakes

With two contests on the same day, Saturday, May 11 saw Peter Rogers capture the 2019 SSC Invitational while Sagar Kunduru won the $250 NHC Qualifier.  Both men will be going to the 2020 NHC in Las Vegas with 2nd-place finishers Eddie Herman and Jennifer Prince joining them.

Rogers bested the SSC field of 45 entries by turning his $200 starting bankroll into $1,690.70.  Kunduru turned his $150 starting bankroll into $4,923.60 to defeat the other 157 participants in the $250 NHC Qualifier.

Below are the final results for both of Saturday’s contests.

SSC Invitational Top 5

1stPete Rogers$1,690.70NHC seat
2ndEddie Herman$1,152NHC seat
3rdRocco Lombardi$701
4thBernard Reilly$594
5thBob Jeffery$476

$250 NHC Qualifier Top 10

1stSagar Kunduru$4,923.60NHC seat, $4,150
2ndJennifer Prince$4,088.85NHC seat, $1660
3rdDavid Wolff$3,499.75$996
4thVincent DiPolo$2,279.50$581
5thJennifer Prince$1,500$290.50
6thRocco Lombardi$1,208$124.50
7thEric Wing$830$124.50
8thChris Olsson$759$124.50
9thStanley Bavlish$704$124.50
10thMathew Levy$601.50$124.50