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Gwyn Houston Takes Down Record Field in Haskell Handicapping Challenge

July 27, 2023


Monmouth Park held its third-annual $1,000 Haskell Handicapping Challenge on Saturday, July 22 and Gwyn Houston finished in the top spot with a total of $7,100.

Houston bested a field that included a record 265 entries. He turned his starting $500 bankroll into the winning total by betting races from Monmouth Park only.  Contest players could only bet win, place, show, exacta and double and needed to bet a minimum of $100 per race.

By finishing first, Houston takes home the first-place cash prize of $17,000.   Houston also won a seat into the 2023 Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge.  In total, eight BCBC seats and two NHC seats were awarded to the Top 10 finishers – in addition to cash prizes to the Top 5.

In total, the Top 5 finishers from Saturday are:

Finish Name Bankroll Prize
1st Gwyn Houston $7,100 $17,000+BCBC Seat
2nd William Epp $6,004.80 $10,000+BCBC Seat
3rd Frank Polk $5,302.40 $6,000+NHC Seat
4th Frank Fosbre $4,861 $5,000+BCBC Seat
5th Michael Somich $4,860 $2,500+BCBC Seat
6th Robert Engelhard $4,710.50 BCBC Seat
7th Tony Zhou $4,704 BCBC Seat
8th Anthony Montedoro $4,040.50 BCBC Seat
9th David Browning $3,103.40 NHC Seat
10th Michael Caposio $3,052 BCBC Seat