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Gutfreund Wins Last Chance NHC Qualifier

December 29, 2018

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Monmouth Park’s $400 Last Chance NHC Qualifier was held Saturday, December 29 and the winner was David Gutfreund of Chicago, IL.

Gutfreund bested a field that included 198 entries. He turned his starting $200 bankroll into $2,648.60 by betting races from Aqueduct, Gulfstream and Tampa Bay.Contest players could only bet win, place and/or show and needed to bet a minimum of $20 per race.

By finishing first, Gutfreund takes home the first-place cash prize of $10,800 – plus an additional $2,500 instead of an NHC as a previous double-qualifier.  Five NHC seats were awarded Saturday and they went to Al Squillante, Blaise Guadagno, Matt Mungiole, Cheryl McIntyre and George Shamy.

Monmouth Park’s next handicapping contest is coming up on Saturday, January 19.  This contest will be the first of Monmouth’s winter simulcast series challenge.  New for 2019, all four qualifiers in the SSC Challenge will be 0% Takeout Bankroll Builders:

In total, the Top 10 finishers are:

Finish Name Bankroll Prize
1st David Gutfreund $2,648.60 $10,800+$2,500 for double qualifier
2nd Nick Fazzolari $2,427.70 $4,320+$2,500 for double qualifier
3rd Al Squillante $1,530 $2,592+NHC Seat
4th Ken Seeman $1,515 $1,512+$2,500 for double qualifier
5th Blaise Guadagno $1,500.60 $756+NHC Seat
6th Matt Mungiole $1,405 $324+NHC Seat
7th Cheryl McIntyre $1,350.90 $324+NHC Seat
8th George Shamy $1,315.20 $324+NHC Seat
9th Kevin Engelhard $1,280.30 $324
10th Cheryl McIntyre $1,198 $324