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Derek Deutsch Headed to Vegas After July 21 NHC Qualifier Win

July 21, 2018

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Monmouth Park’s $250 NHC Qualifier was held Saturday, July 21 and the winner was Derek Deutsch of Nazareth, PA.   

 Deutsch bested a field that included 145 entries. He turned his starting $150 bankroll into $2,073.50 by betting races from Monmouth Park and Saratoga.Contest players could only bet win, place and/or show and needed to bet a minimum of $15 per race.   

By finishing first, Deutsch takes home the first place cash prize of $3,950.  In addition, he takes home a seat to the 2019 National Handicapping Championship. 

 Saturday’s second-place finisher Rene Morety is also headed to the NHC.

In total, the Top 10 finishers are: 

Finish Name Bankroll Prize
1st Derek Deutsch $2,073.50 $3,950+NHC Seat
2nd Rene Morety $1,872.65 $1,580+NHC Seat
3rd Pat Nufrio $1,260.76 $948
4th Bob Engelhard $1,187.45 $553
5th Chris Olsson $1,134.50 $276.50
6th Michael Christadore $767.85 $118.50
7th Greg Knepper $444.45 $118.50
8th John O’Neil $441.50 $118.50
9th Eddie Fitzsimons $238.25 $118.50
10th John Strichek $170.60 $118.50