Dining Terrace

Dining Terrace 300x225

This tiered restaurant is located on the third floor of the clubhouse and offers a great view of the racetrack. Equipped with air-conditioning, the Dining Terrace offers an a la carte luncheon menu ranging from crab cakes to pasta.


Parties smaller than 10 are NOT required to make reservations; walk-ups are welcome. Reservations are required for ALL parties on Father's Day June 17, 2018 and Haskell Day July 29, 2018.


Leave the swimwear, sweats, and tank tops at home as proper attire is required.


Call 732-229-2100 to make reservations.


During the 2018 season there will be a rotating menu 2018 Dining Terrace Menu A and 2018 Dining Terrace Menu B.