Rendino Wins SSC Invitational; Wolff Takes NHC Qualifier

Monday, May 14, 2018

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With two contests on the same day, Saturday, May 12 saw Bill Rendino capture the 2018 SSC Invitational while David Wolff won the $250 NHC Qualifier.  Both men will be going to the 2019 NHC in Las Vegas with 2nd-place finishers Brian Fairlie and Joe Scanio joining them. 


Rendino bested the SSC field of 55 entries by turning his $200 starting bankroll into $1,164.  Wolff turned his $150 starting bankroll into $3,756.95 to defeat the other 148 participants in the $250 NHC Qualifier.


Below are the final results for both of Saturday's contests.


SSC Invitational Top 5


Finish Name Bankroll Prize
1st Bill Rendino $1,164 NHC seat
2nd Brian Fairlie $1,048.40 NHC seat

Rick Coppola

$752 Pick Your Prize seat
4th Art Veglia $579.50 Pick Your Prize seat
5th Bob Ciccarelli $537 Pick Your Prize seat

$250 NHC Qualifier Top 10

Finish Name Bankroll Prize
1st David Wolff $3,756.95 NHC seat, $3,700
2nd Joe Scanio $1,975.20 NHC seat, $1,480
3rd Nick Fazzolari $1,840 $888
4th Sagar Kunduru $1,815 $518
5th Eric Wing $728.35 $259
6th Frank Sorensen $623 $111
7th John Gaspar $616.50 $111
8th Rob Ramirez $489.60 $111
9th EricWing $417.35 $111
10th David Wolff $322.70 $111