Cioni Comes From Behind to Take SSC #2

Monday, February 23, 2015

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Damian Cioni of Colonia, NJ used a big hit in the last race to win Saturday's $200 Simulcast Series Challenge Qualifier #2 over 230 other entries.


Along with the rest of the Top 10, Cioni earned a cash prize in addition to his tournament bankroll.  Cioni and the Top 20 also qualified for the SSC Invitational on April 25 where the Top 2 finishers will earn a seat in the 2016 DRF/NTRA NHC in Las Vegas. 


Here is the Top 5 for Saturday's contest.  The rest of the Top 20 will be posted once we take care of some technical issues.  If you have any questions, email Brian Skirka at

Finish Name Bankroll Prize
1st  Damian Cioni  $2,007.10  $11,550
2nd Roger Cettina $1,523 $4,620
3rd David Conover $1,453.50 $2,772
4th Darren Yarwood $1,126.50 $1,617
5th Frank Salsano $953 $808.50
6th Larry Smitley $817.50 $346.50
7th Joe Tombasco $809.80 $346.50
8th Kyle Wagner $794.60 $346.50
9th Eric Andersen $718 $346.50
10th Jim Hom $648.50 $346.50
11th Jennifer Prince $582  
12th Pat Lacey $456  
13th Allan Gregory $436  
14th Michael Pruzinsky $428.85  
15th Thomas Maguire $406.40  
16th Scott Carson $402.50  
17th Jim Luke $396  
18th Herb Iannuzzi $393  
19th Gary Johnson $363.50  
20th Bernard Reilly $359