Lam Exacts Revenge in Monmouth/Woodbine NHC Qualifier

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Philip Lam of Fresh Meadows, NY finished first in the June 3 Monmouth Park/Woodbine handicapping contest.  He was later disqualified for not betting the mandated number of races.

On Sunday, Lam exacted some revenge as he yet again finished first in the Monmouth/Woodbine $200 NHC Qualifier – this time officially.

Lam bested 184 other players, finishing with a bankroll of $1,707.70, nearly $800 more than runner-up Mark Acerra.  Both men qualified for the DRF/NTRA National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas.

The $200 contest, which had players betting on races from Monmouth Park and Woodbine, attracted 185 players.  

Contest players had to bet a minimum of 10 races, five from Monmouth Park and five from Woodbine.  The Ricoh Woodbine Mile was a mandatory race.

The official top 10 from Sunday’s contest:


MP/Woodbine Top 10
Finish Name Bankroll Earnings
1st Philip Lam $1,707.70 $9,250
2nd Mark Acerra $908.90 $3,700
3rd Paul Kirnos $755.20 $2,220
4th Al Squillante $701.25 $1,295
5th Ronald Reisner $663.20 $647.50
6th Anthony Doino $561.35 $277.50
7th Stephen Franklin $450.15 $277.50
8th Jerry McClenin $347.50 $277.50
9th Ron Rippey $190.50 $277.50
10th Brian Troop $180.60 $277.50