Collins Captures $200 Handicapping Contest; Feldman and Samples Qualify for Vegas

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In Monmouth Park’s $200 Handicapping on Saturday, July 7, it was first-time contest participant Christopher Collins who took home the first place prize of $13,500, but contest regulars Rich Feldman and Michael Samples who qualified for the 2013 DRF/NTRA National Handicapping Championships (NHC) in Las Vegas.


            Collins finished Saturday’s contest with a first-place bankroll of $2,365, but was not a previously-registered member of the NHC Tour and therefore did not qualify to go to Las Vegas for the NHC.  Feldman (2nd place) and Samples (3rd place) subsequently qualified for the NHC.


            Saturday’s contest featured a whopping 270 entries and participants had to play a minimum of 10 races from Monmouth Park, Belmont and Calder.  A minimum of five races had to be bet on races from Monmouth Park including the mandatory United Nations.  Only win, place and show wagering was allowed.   


            Monmouth Park’s next handicapping contest will be a $100 Horseplayer World Series Qualifier held on Saturday, July 21.  For more information, contact Brian Skirka at


July 7 Contest Top Ten
Finish Name Bankroll Prize
1st Christopher Collins $2,365 $13,500
2nd Rich Feldman $1,596 $5,400
3rd Michael Samples $1,348.80 $3,240
4th Jeffrey Harryman $1,271.50 $1,890
5th Jim Hinkel $1,250 $945
6th Jared Hutt $1,197.95 $405
7th Joseph Perry $1,060 $405
8th Marino Todisco $1,045.55 $405
9th Barbara Rendino $884.80 $405
10th Bill Coleman $761 $405