How to Bet

When you visit a mutuel window, state the following information:
1. Name of track
2. Race number
3. Amount you wish to wager
4. Type of wager
5. Program number(s)
Remember: Don't use the horses' names when wagering.
Say: Monmouth Park, seventh race, two dollars to win on number five.
Don't say: "Two dollars to win on Capture the Gold (name of horse).  

Advanced Wagers
If you are making an advanced wager, which would be a race after the upcoming one, make sure to state the race number before the wager.

Minimum Wagers
The minimum wager is $2, except for some multiple combination bets with a $1 minimum, which will be described later.

Morning Line
The morning line odds in the program are set by an oddsmaker before the betting begins. This is an educated guess on how the public will bet on each horse. The odds change as money enters the pool.

Win odds are posted on television monitors and the infield tote board. These odds are updated every 45-90 seconds. Note that these odds will fluctuate from the time you wager until the betting ends. When you win, your payoff is determined by the closing odds.

A coupled entry in a race is when two or more horses belonging to the same owner, and/or conditioned by the same trainer, are deemed coupled. Therefore, the coupled entry is comprised of two or more horses which are a single betting interest.

Example: In a race with a 1 and 1A entry, a bet on #1 is a bet on #1 and #1A."