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Claiming Race
A race in which each horse entered is eligible to be purchased at a set price. Claims must be made before the race and only by licensed owners or their agents who have a horse registered to race at that meeting or who have received a claim certificate from the stewards.  

1) A race of traditional importance. 2) Used to describe a distance -- A race at the American classic distance, which is currently 1 1/4 miles. The European classic distance is 1 1/2 miles.  

Clerk of Scales
An official whose chief duty is to weigh the riders before and after a race to ensure proper weight is (was) carried.  

When a horse lifts its front legs abnormally high as it gallops, causing it to run inefficiently.  

One who times workouts and races.  

A horse that runs best in the latter part of the race, coming from off the pace.  

Clubhouse Turn
Generally, the turn on a racing oval that is closest to the clubhouse facility; usually the first turn after the finish line.  

Abdominal pain caused by a problem in a horse's digestive system.

Colors (horse)
Colors accepted by The Jockey Club are bay, black, chestnut, dark bay or brown, gray, roan and white. 

An ungelded (entire) male horse four-years-old or younger.  

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