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The physical makeup of and bodily proportions of a horse.

Persons identified with a horse, such as owner, trainer, rider and stable employees.  

Consolation Payoff
A multi-race wager payoff resulting from a horse being a late scratch.  Consolation payoffs are always significantly less than the actual payoff. 

Cooling Out
Restoring a horse to normal temperature, usually by walking, after it has become overheated during exercise. All horses that are exercised are cooled out.  

Coupled (entry)
Two or more horses running as an entry in a single betting unit.  

 1) The number of foals by a sire in a given year. 2) A group of horses born in the same year -- An average crop of three-year-olds. 3) A jockey's whip.

Cuppy (track)
A dry and loose racing surface that breaks away under a horse's hooves.  

Top portion of a racetrack.

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