Date Name Claimed From Claimed By Amount
07/20/2012Suivez MoiRobbins III, Lansdon B. and Delaney, Samuel P.Silver Trail Stables LLC25,000
07/21/2012Joburg StarGary BarberSomraj Singh5,000
07/21/2012Triple A. RatingLaw Legacy Stables LLCCastaway Stable5,000
07/21/2012American KittyW. BretCalhounDaniel J.Lopez20,000
07/21/2012Rough Road AheadPewter StableGolden Goose Enterprise LLC and Kligman, Andrew10,000
07/21/2012CocodimamaLael StablesParting Glass Stable20,000
07/21/2012First AcquitalVioletta StableBlue Top Holdings Stable12,500
07/21/2012Stoopendous DivaLomas, Alma and Roy H.Jay F.Young12,500
07/22/2012AlarmistJulian De MoraLuis Carvajal, Jr.5,000
07/22/2012Dixie BandRising Sun StableMalerro LLC5,000
07/22/2012MipandoEagle Racing Stables (Klerlein)Patricia A.Brown5,000
07/22/2012Cherry On the TopLaurence I.FoggleWinning Move Stable, Aventura Stable and Ultra Championship Racing LLC16,000
07/22/2012Lady RepentThe Parting Glass Stable (Tom Cullen)Golden Key Racing Stable16,000
07/22/2012Two for OneEdwin T.BroomePhilip DiCosmo16,000
07/27/2012Semester AbroadGolden Key Racing StableJoseph H.Pierce, Jr.32,000
07/27/2012Perfect LoverShanley, Rick and Plesa, LaurieBrito Francisco5,000