Date Name Claimed From Claimed By Amount
07/13/2012Slammin' SlewBDL Stables, Bossone, Dominic and Phantom House FarmRochette, Patrick and Patriot Stable25,000
07/14/2012Let's Get LuckyThe Parting Glass Stable (Tom Cullen)Adrian L.Merton7,500
07/14/2012Do It With HonorWall Street ThoroughbredJuve Stable10,000
07/14/2012Call FirstMark J.LewisHappy Tenth Stable20,000
07/14/2012Captain NightcapThe PosseEagle View Farm and Fitter Stable20,000
07/14/2012MosquitoCatherine M.WillsAdrian L.Merton20,000
07/15/2012Finally FriendsPamela F.EdelDaniel J.Lopez20,000
07/15/2012Golden ArchwayLive Oak PlantationMichael Newman20,000
07/15/2012Whitey's GoldMarisa Lizza RacingDaniel Levesque9,000
07/15/2012Rebel RaiderMid-Atlantic Thoroughbred Investments LLCWall Street Thoroughbred5,000
07/15/2012Fulton StreetDrawing Away StableBruno Schickedanz10,500
07/15/2012Howelling WindDavid M.HowellLomas, Alma and Roy H.12,500
07/15/2012High AlpineOverbrook Farm and Andrew FarmLomas, Alma and Roy H.18,000
07/15/2012Nekkar (FR)Blue Top Holdings StableMAT Stables, LLC20,000
07/15/2012He's My GuyGlenview Farm and Indian Mills Stock FarmDaniel J.Lopez35,000
07/20/2012Grand Miz BlueDennis A.DrazinSilver Trail Stables LLC20,000