Date Name Claimed From Claimed By Amount
06/18/2010Bad DebtPennston Farm Inc.RFL Racing, LLC35,000
06/18/2010Ice Baby IceMike R.MitchellOl Memorial Stable35,000
06/18/2010Macho PradoDubb, Michael and Bethlehem Stables LLCCalabrese, Annamarie and Miller, Robert35,000
06/18/2010BalrajFawkes Racing, Suncoast Thoroughbred Racing, Roberts, Don and Anderson, W. MikeQuest Stables LLC10,000
06/18/2010Man of DangerCammeyer, John A. and Murphy, DermotSackowitz, Stuart and Gherman, David9,000
06/18/2010R Little NuggetEllie SmithFalcone, Robert and Lee, John J.10,000
06/18/2010Top SeedPatricia FarroMaggi Moss10,000
06/18/2010Gulf CatMy Purple Haze StablesRobert L.Cole, Jr.5,000
06/18/2010January GentIEAH Stables and Mandato, JackDavid Nunn5,000
06/18/2010Precious PackageEllie SchmidtFalcone, Robert and Lee, John J.5,000
06/19/2010Unconditional LoveC and B StablesJerry Blackman7,500
06/19/2010Buzz Off BusterGail W.BrookhartJohn L.Moirano5,000
06/19/2010LockupKathleen WillierMichael C.Sedlacek5,000
06/19/2010Art CurrencyMel PalkoffMark J.Lewis40,000
06/19/2010Sporting ArtKelly, Jon and SarahMike R.Mitchell40,000
06/19/2010American RomanceWoodslane FarmHaralabos Maravelias22,000