Date Name Claimed From Claimed By Amount
06/16/2012Horn BuckleLieblong, Alex and JoAnnDaniel J.Lopez40,000
06/17/2012Image of DonRobert TresenteRising Sun Stable5,000
06/17/2012Marching TuneGolden Key Racing StableRitter, David and Randy10,000
06/17/2012Zone BreakerMichael C.SedlacekMichael W.Wright, Jr.5,000
06/22/2012ShadowfaxfableRed Oak Stable (Brunetti)Daniel J.Lopez10,000
06/23/2012Quiet TiaraBen MondelloRitter, David and Randy5,000
06/23/2012Raging DaoustSchmeling, Mike and Ward, Wesley A.Costabile, Jr., James and Juliano, Ronald10,000
06/24/2012Code TwoDaniel LevesqueFrancis Price5,000
06/24/2012Trini DubaiJohn P.MurrayJoseph Delucca5,000
06/24/2012Darling BridezillaRed Oak Stable (Brunetti)Machiz, Gary and Stacy and Thompson, Gale20,000
06/24/2012Our Girl FridayEdwin T.BroomeMichael C.Sedlacek5,000
06/24/2012Dixie SlamJust For Fun Stable LLCMid-Atlantic Thoroughbred Investments LLC16,000
06/24/2012Gypsy PreacherR. A. Hill StableTravin Stables18,000
06/24/2012Message ReceivedLive Oak PlantationPatricia Farro25,000
06/24/2012Semester AbroadDonamire FarmGolden Key Racing Stable25,000
06/29/2012Sweep FirstBonita FarmRichard Pesce5,000