Date Name Claimed From Claimed By Amount
08/17/2014What the ChubMachiz, Gary and StacyPewter Stable5,000
08/22/2014Run Tayler RunRising Sun StableElizabeth ALiedross7,500
08/22/2014Paparazzi GirlRed Oak Stable (Brunetti)Mark Valentine10,000
08/22/2014First SensationMavorah, Elliot and MJR StableMark Valentine5,000
08/22/2014Sensational ValuePatricia A.GenerazioKathleen O'Connell5,000
08/22/2014I WillSagamore FarmKerwan Equine Group, Inc.25,000
08/22/2014Twelve StonePewter StableMCA Racing Stable LLC25,000
08/22/2014WildcatpleasuresLiam F.BensonWhite Wabbit Wacing LLC25,000
08/22/2014Dattt MelodyPanic Stable LLCRobert Atkinson16,000
08/22/2014Feisty AlbertJacob SchnoorMCA Racing Stable LLC16,000
08/22/2014Stand ProudYoung, Jay F. and Nickel Dime StablePaul M.Steckel16,000
08/23/2014He Can RunCostabile, Jr., James and Juliano, RonaldRichard L.Lister30,000
08/23/2014KnoxPaul P.Pompa, Jr.Petticoats Loose Farm20,000
08/23/2014Cocktails With DanPatricia A.GenerazioGuyana Rocky LLC5,000
08/24/2014Charlie BullCarmelo PuglieseRichard P.Sillaman5,000
08/24/2014El Oh ElWhite Wabbit Wacing LLCRobert Tresente5,000