Date Name Claimed From Claimed By Amount
07/26/2014KobelDonald C.WilsonWhite Wabbit Wacing LLC16,000
07/26/2014Twelve StoneJ and J Stables (Williams, Jr.) and GSP StablePewter Stable16,000
07/26/2014ConsistencyJames McIngvaleThe Elkstone Group LLC30,000
07/27/2014Neo's Grand FinaleMCA Racing Stable LLCJoseph E.Besecker20,000
07/27/2014S S SkittlesSecluded StablesSadoo Racing Stable LLC30,000
08/01/2014Pass Me a BottleGeorge, Richard Kingston and Smith, Robert G.Moshe Mark5,000
08/01/2014ImpliedStretch Run Racing Stable LLPJagger Inc.12,500
08/01/2014ChubaroniDaniel J.LopezSandra L.Young20,000
08/01/2014CacawayAshbourne Stable LLCAndrew Sulley16,000
08/01/2014Jewel in the SkyBob Petersons Stables, LLCGuyana Rocky LLC5,000
08/02/2014PanteraBrown Dog Racing StableJennifer Bustamante5,000
08/02/2014Steve Came ThruKnight R.B. Stables LLCHarriet J.Harvatt5,000
08/02/2014What the ChubBarry MoffettMachiz, Gary and Stacy5,000
08/02/2014Harbor BreezeWhite Wabbit Wacing LLCAnita Racing Stable12,500
08/02/2014No BrakesDrawing Away StableTeam Gaudet12,500
08/02/2014Risky GuyAnthony SimmonsFive C's Stable12,500