Date Name Claimed From Claimed By Amount
08/09/2012Do It With HonorJuve StableHappy Tenth Stable16,000
08/09/2012More Than a ReasonRepole StableFinish Line Farms5,000
08/10/2012Stoopendous DivaJay F.YoungRoger Sophagen12,500
08/10/2012Famous PatriotDiane AlvaradoDenis N.Lynch7,500
08/10/2012Oconee GoldMid-Atlantic Thoroughbred Investments LLCThomas Ruta7,500
08/12/2012Lord ChelsieMy Meadowview FarmMalouf, Richard and Broome, Edwin Thomas12,500
08/12/2012Won Wild DudeKuehne RacingBulldawg Enterprises12,500
08/12/2012Darling BridezillaMachiz, Gary and Stacy and Thompson, GaleKenwood Racing LLC20,000
08/16/2012Carlot CowboyLieblong, Alex and JoAnnTreblanna Stable25,000
08/16/2012Over and BackSouth Elkhorn Stable LesseePanic Stable LLC25,000
08/16/2012Sword TrickClarence Scharbauer, Jr.Kenwood Racing LLC35,000
08/17/2012Our Bellini BikiniLaw Legacy Stables LLCEBG Racing Stable5,000
08/17/2012ThedamageisdoneAnshelewitz, Chad and Tammaro III, John J.Bruce N.Levine5,000
08/17/2012J J's Lucky TrainFresh Start StableFox Hill Farms, Inc.60,000
08/18/2012Angels' ShareSteven M.AsmussenFawkes Racing, Inc.5,000
08/18/2012Goombada GuskaTurtle Bird StableJuve Stable15,000