Date Name Claimed From Claimed By Amount
05/22/2010Cape Town KingRobert B.Hess, Jr.Annamarie Calabrese5,000
05/22/2010Precious PackageJay Em Ess StableEllie Schmidt5,000
05/22/2010Blank CheckKlaravich Stables, Inc. and Lawrence, W.H.Mark J.Lewis25,000
05/22/2010East to WestJim Tafel LLCTheodore Volk25,000
05/22/2010Catch RikkiVincent Rizzuto, Jr.Hypertrader Racing LLC15,000
05/22/2010Lonely HighwayMaggi MossGoldencrest Racing Stable15,000
05/22/2010Reptilian SmartsDubb, Michael and Scuderi, Vincent, S.Edward Longo15,000
05/22/2010Rovic's WealthMichael J.MakerSteven M.Asmussen15,000
05/22/2010StungbythestormCoastal Racing Stable and Sheets, TobyLa Marca Stable15,000
05/22/2010Sue the AttorneyNYKY Thoroughbred StableBrunonia Stable20,000
05/22/2010Next MayRamsey, Kenneth L. and Sarah K.Maggi Moss16,000
05/23/2010A Bit of MadnessJohn RigattieriMohan Enterprises, Inc.5,000
05/23/2010Arrow's FlightJohn A.DamicoRamsey, Kenneth L. and Sarah K.5,000
05/23/2010Flirting for LoveBarber, Gary and CecilCircle Z Stables5,000
05/23/2010Indian ReservationRed Oak Stable (Brunetti)Richard T.Woll5,000
05/23/2010Hammering BuckeyeMy Purple Haze StablesKenwood Racing LLC25,000