Caltagirone Captures Favorites at Woodbridge Challenge #5

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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The fifth and final Favorites at Woodbridge Handicapping Challenge was held on Sunday, October 19, and resulted in Paul Caltagirone topping the leaderboard with a bankroll of $549.90.


Caltagirone bested a field of 71 entries and will be headed to the December 6 Invitational along with the rest of Sunday’s Top 20.  In the Invitational – featuring 100 players (the top 20 from each of five qualifiers) – the top two finishers will earn a trip to Las Vegas for the 2015 Horse Player World Series.


In Sunday’s contest, all players began with a bankroll of $50 and made no fewer than 10 $5 minimum bets  on Belmont, Keeneland and Woodbine.


In addition to the Top 20 finishers qualifying for the Dec. 6 Invitational, the Top 5 finishers from Sunday’s event received a cash prize.


Here are Sunday’s Top 20 qualifiers as well as the 100 qualifying players for the Dec. 6 Invitational.


Qualifiers from Sunday, October 19
Paul Caltagirone (dual qualifier)
Steve Weinerman
William Baranowski
Michael Christadore
Anthony Doino
James Michael (dual qualifier)
Eugene DeMarzo (dual qualifier)
Ron Deutsch
William Colavito
Aniello Frank Salsano
Victor Hartley    
Donald Fischer
Adam Ginsberg
Howard Tom
Sal Galanti
Peter Pruzinsky
David Conover

Invitational Participants
Alaimo, Dan (2 entries)
Baranowski, William
Barclay, Mike (2 entries)
Billich, Michael
Boocher, Dan
Caltagirone, Paul (2 entries)
Christadore, Michael (2 entries)
Cioni, Damian
Clark, Thomas
Colavito, William (2 entries)
Conover, David (2 entries)
D'Alessandro, Anthony
DeMarzo, Eugene (5 entries)
Denorscio, Ron
DePalma, Chris
Desantis, Orlando (2 entries)
Deutsch, Ron
DiGrazia, Nick
Doherty, Kathleen
Doino, Anthony (2 entries)
Esposito, Robert (2 entries)
Esposito, Fiore
Fischer, Donald
Galanti, Sal
Ginsberg, Adam (4 entries)
Hartley, Victor
Hughes, Larry
Hutt, Jared (2 entries)
Iannuzzi, Herb (3 entries)
Kachulis, James (2 entries)
Kornfeld, Robert
Kumar, Ajay (2 entries)
Kurilew, Victor
Lam, Phil
Lawrence, Steve
Loftus, Rich
Marzocca, G.
Matusiak, Vincent
Mayer, Robert
Melillo, Lisa
Melillo, Robert
Merdinger, Stan (2 entries)
Michael, James (4 entries)
Murphy, James (3 entries)
Paladino, Michael
Perry, Joseph
Powell, Anthony
Powers, Dennis
Pruzinsky, Michael
Pruzinsky, Peter
Pullman, Richard
Reilly, Kevin (2 entries)
Reisner, Ronald
Reynolds, M.
Resiecki, Richard
Salsano, Aniello Frank (2 entries)
Shamy, George
Strauss, Vincent
Summers, Peter
Tardo, Robert
Tom, Howard (2 entries)
Underwald, Ray
Verderame, Sal (3 entries)
Walters, James
Weinerman, Steve
Witt, Richard (2 entries)
Zika, Johnathan