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False Favorite
Horse that is a race favorite despite being outclassed by other competition in the field. Also called an underlay.  

Horseshoer, blacksmith. Also called a "plater."  

Fast (track)
Footing that is dry, even and resilient.  

1) Amount paid to a jockey for riding in a race. 2) The cost of nominating, entering or starting a horse in a stakes race.  

The horses in a race.  

Field Horse (or mutuel field)
Two or more starters running as a single betting unit (entry), when there are more starters in a race than positions on the totalizator board.  

Female horse four-years-old or younger.  

A burst of acceleration by a horse in a race. The horse did (didn't) fire when asked.  

Firm (turf)
A condition of a turf course corresponding to fast on a dirt track.  

Flak Jacket
Similar to a jackets worn by quarterbacks, the jockey's flak jacket protects the ribs, kidneys and back.  

Flat Race
Contested on level ground as opposed to a steeplechase.  

Flatten Out
A very tired horse that slows considerably, dropping its head on a straight line with its body. Some horses, however, like to run with their heads lowered.  

Flat plate or wooden implement (float) dragged over the surface of a wet track to aid in draining water.  

1) A horse of either sex in its first year of life. 2) As a verb, to give birth. Also known as "dropped." 3) Can also denote the offspring of either a male or female parent -- She is the last foal of Secretariat.  

Founding Sires
The Darley Arabian, Byerly Turk and Godolphin Barb. Every Thoroughbred must be able to trace its parentage to one of the three founding sires.  

Fractional Time
Intermediate times recorded in a race, as at the quarter, half, three-quarters, etc. The "quarter time," for example, refers to the time after the first quarter-mile, not the first 25 percent of the race.  

Front Runner
A horse whose running style is to attempt to get on or near the lead at the start of the race and to continue there as long as possible. 

Full Sibling
Horses that share the same sire and dam.  

One-eighth of a mile, 220 yards, 660 feet.  

A race for two-year-olds in which the owners make a continuous series of payments over a period of time to keep their horses eligible.   

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