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A speed horse running as an entry with another, usually come-from-behind horse. The rabbit is expected to set a fast pace to help the chances of its stablemate.  

Racing Secretary
Official who drafts conditions of races and assigns weights for handicap events.  

The barrier on either side of the racing strip. Sometimes referred to as the "fence."  

Rail Runner
Horse that prefers to run next to the inside rail.  

A horse that refuses to settle under a jockey's handling in a race, running in a headstrong manner without respect to pace. 

Receiving Barn
Structure used by horses shipping in for a race who do not have a stall at that racetrack.

1) When a horse will not break from the gate. 2) In jumping races, balking at a jump. 

Long straps, usually made of leather, that are connected to the bit and used by the jockey to control the horse.  

1) Held for a particular engagement or race. 2) Held off the pace.  

Ridden Out
A horse that finishes a race under mild urging, not as severe as driving.  

A horse color where the majority of the coat of the horse is a mixture of red and white hairs or brown and white hairs. The mane, tail and legs may be black, chestnut or roan unless white markings are present. Starting with foals of 1993, the color classifications gray and roan were combined as "roan or gray." 

Broadly, a race distance of longer than 1 1/8 miles.  

Horse that performs well at longer distances.  

Run-Out Bit
A special type of bit to prevent a horse from bearing out (or in).  

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